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2/26 – 3/12 伊平屋・伊是名フェリー、一部欠航のお知らせ



  1. 1:午前中の伊是名島行
  2. 2:午後の伊平屋島行
  3. 3:午前中の伊平屋島発
  4. 4:午後の伊是名島発

Please pay attention !

From 26th Feb to 12th Mar, ships below don’t run due to ship dock.

  1. 1:for Izena isl. on morning
  2. 2:for Iheya isl. on afternoon
  3. 3:from Iheya isl. on morning
  4. 4:from Izena isl. on afternoon

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